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apps are dedicated software programmes, that support you to calculate, retrieve data or other relevant tasks. Some apps are free to use, some require a fee. You will see this in the "Apps Store" of Farmmaps. Zodra u een app succesvol aan uw account heeft toegevoegd kunt u die gebruiken met uw data.We have four classes of apps:

you can add Apps to your account to make them available to work with your data. There are four types of Apps: Application, Connection,  Data and Packages (groups of other Apps). Please select a category to get more information on the Apps.

Farmmaps is a platform where users (farmers, advisors a.o.) can safely store and retrieve their farm data. At the same time, developers, scientists and others have developed tools like Apps that are using these data to provide advise or make other calculations. The Farmmaps platform assures that farm data is safe while still being able to use advanced functionality from the Apps. Processed data also lands back in your own dedicated dataspace within the Farmmaps platform. 

There are four sorts of  apps in farmmaps:

  1. Apps: different applications that work on your farms' data; 
  2. Connections: retrieve data from other registration systems or other suppliers;
  3. Data: get data from other sources, e.g., satellite data;
  4. Package Deal: bundled apps to give you a head start.

Below you can see the different apps per category.

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