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With this app you make a connection with your Agrovision farm management system. Get your cropping scheme or registrations in one go. The app will automatically download your registrations to provide various applications within farmmaps with the necessary data. So don't type them in again, but retrieve them automatically. Once the connection is established, data will be refreshed every day.

Use this connection to download your data already stored in Agrovision's farm management system to farmmaps. For example, you can download your cropping scheme using this connection if it is already available at Dacom rather than at RVO. Your registrations of crop protection products, irrigation and nutrients, for example, are also important to automatically supply required data to applications on farmmaps you want to use. This is to avoid having to re-enter your data. Applications such as Blight (Phytophthora), growth models, irrigation recommendations, etc. need this information.