This application helps arable farmers (and their advisors) to develop and demonstrate an almost closed yard and plot. This application is suitable for arable farmers and consultants.


BO Akkerbouw

Contact: Geert Pinxterhuis

E-mail: pinxterhuis@bo-akkerbouw.nl

Website: farmmaps.eu/en/map

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Crop protection products should get on the crop and not end up in the environment or surroundings. However, this does occur due to emissions via drift, plot and yard. This application helps arable farmers to understand factors that cause emission risks in the yard or at the plot. And which measures can be used to manage risks. In addition, at a later stage, the application can be used to demonstrate which measures arable farmers use to realize an almost closed yard or plot.

CLM and Akkerweb developed the app for arable farmers on behalf of BO Akkerbouw and its members in the context of the Plant Health Action Plan (Actieplan Plantgezondheid). It was development in close collaboration with the working group of the Package of Measures for Emission Reduction of Plant Protection Products for Open Cultivations, which is part of the Crop Protection Implementation Program 2030. The app was made possible in part with a subsidy from the incentive budget for emission reduction for open cultivations and livestock farming from the Foundation for Applied Water Research (STOWA).