Default package

The farmmaps default package offers you basic data for the functioning of your applications. These are also visualized in the interface. This includes high-definition weather: historical, current and future weather, elevation-, shade-, soil type- and soil compaction maps of the Netherlands. A simple registration module for irrigation, fertilization and crop protection and basic storage capacity for your data.

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VRA Zoning

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The default package offers you the following functions:

  • Crop registration: Enter your irrigation, fertilization or crop protection yourself in this simple crop registration module or make a connection with your farm management system from Dacom or Agrovision and avoid repeated input of data. The crop registration is connected to all applications on farm maps, such as crop growth models, Phytophthora and the irrigation advice, after which these are automatically recalculated.
  • Elevation map: View the General Height Map of the Netherlands (AHN3) on your plots or as an overlay for the whole of the Netherlands. Available are the digital terrain map (DTM or ground level) and the digital surface map (DSM, the ground level plus all objects, such as trees, buildings, etc.)
  • Shadow map: Based on the AHN3 DSM (digital surface map), the shadow index of each plot is calculated. The drop shadow of all objects that touch the plot over the year is calculated and mapped. This map is used, among other things, for the site-specific planting of potatoes.
  • Soil map: The new soil map of the Netherlands. Each application immediately knows the soil type of your plot. If it's not correct - adjust it yourself.
  • Soil compaction map: The risk of soil compaction by agricultural machinery is available for each plot.
  • Weather: farmmaps has different types of weather:
    • 40 years of historical weather, worldwide, in a grid of 30 by 30 km for, among other things, the calculation of crop growth models.
    • Current weather, worldwide, in a grid of 500 by 500 meters, refreshed and reinforced every 10 minutes with the rainfall radar. Each plot has its own weather!
    • Weather forecast, worldwide, in a grid of 500 by 500 meters refreshed every 10 minutes.
  • GHG emissions peat: Shows the degree of CO2 emission and subsidence for a peat meadow plot and the reductions by applying rewetting measures in the form of submerged drains and pump regulated submerged drains.
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