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Insight into Measures against Run-off of Substances from Plots


Contact: Roel Kruine



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With the app IMAP (Insight into Measures against Run-off of Substances from Plots) you can see which places on your plot are most vulnerable to run-off of water and run-off and other compounds. The maps provide a detailed picture of the risks and the explanatory factors. IMAP also provides information on appropriate measures aimed at reducing water run-off and the run-off of substances from the plot.The map below shows a part of the Netherlands with the plots available in IMAP.


IMAP is intended for growers and advisers who are familiar with the situation of the plot and the location of the ditches along the edges of the plot. The e-Learning module offers the user a low-threshold introduction. The app and the module were developed in the period 2020-2022 in the KIWK Knowledge Impulse Water Quality programme.


IMAP is intended to give growers insight into the areas on the plot with a high risk of water run-off and run-off of substances. Risk maps can be seen for the winter situation and for the summer situation, and relevant plot characteristics such as slope, pipe drainage and groundwater regime. IMAP contains an explanation of measures of various kinds, formulated by a group of experts from the field. Measures are shown on the screen in an order that suits the situation on the field. A figure of the effectiveness is available for some of these measures (reduction in the amount of run-off).

Field of application

IMAP contains information about the approximately 265,000 plots that are in use according to BRP version 2020 for the open cultivation of annual crops. Together with the location of adjacent ditches according to the Topographical Map of the Netherlands (Scale 1: 10,000), this forms the basis of the risk maps. The risk maps are calculated in advance and are displayed against the background of the Topographical Map of the Netherlands (Scale 1: 50 000). Most lot locks are not visible on this background. Other maps used for the calculation of the risk maps in IMAP are the elevation map AHN3 (5 m resolution) and a number of groundwater and soil maps (25 m resolution).

The risk maps in IMAP are intended to increase the grower's awareness of the risks of runoff and run-off from the field. The app and the e-Learning module are intended to arrive at a well-considered choice of measures in tackling water run-off and the run-off of substances from the plot. The risk maps are indicative and do not predict the volume of water or the amount of dust.